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Pro-ease salutes female frontline workers in new ad

Conceptualised by ADK Fortune, Kriti Sanon lent her voice to the ad, while RSPL announced that it would distribute 10 lakh-plus sanitary pads to female frontline workers.

"Rokenge ye aafat. Khai hai kasam."

It means we'll stop this menace, that's a promise. A statement you're more likely to hear in a movie, than on the streets of India. Yes, this time, the opposite is true.

Ever since Coronavirus' outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns to halt its spread, frontline workers have constantly risked their lives for the safety of others. These include doctors, the police, safety officers, delivery personnel, truckers, and so many more.

Among these courageous people are thousands of women. Many of them haven't met, or seen, their families for weeks, are working longer hours than usual, and yet don't break a sweat because 'they'll stop this menace, that's a promise.'

Pro-ease, a sanitary napkin brand from the house of RSPL, a diversified Indian conglomerate, believes these women are a true source of inspiration, and has released an ad film titled, '#roktihoonruktinahin' to salute and thank them.

“In these trying times, women frontline workers have been doing exceptional work, which is inspiring as well as heroic," says Rohit Gyanchandani, director, RSPL.

"We wanted to recognise their contribution to the society, and the nation at large, through this small gesture of appreciation. For us, this is just a beginning. We are already in the process of making these special packs, and will soon start distributing them to Corona warriors free of cost,” he added.

RSPL will distribute over 10 lakh sanitary pads to these women workers. Nakul Sharma, VP and executive CD, ADK Fortune, the agency behind the campaign, said, “There was a need to show the emotional strain these warriors were going through in their fight against the pandemic. We wanted to capture this tussle by looking at their human side as well.”

The ad features black and white, and colour illustrations. It shows the lives of three women, how their personal and professional roles fail to keep up with each other during this crisis. And yet, they refuse to give up and will do whatever they can to battle the virus.

A press release says that the team, after consulting with Pradeep Sarkar (the director), decided on the black and white illustrations to show the stark reality of their lives. And then added more and more colour to their faces and surroundings as they resolved to take this battle further.

Subroto Pradhan, managing partner, ADK Fortune, said, “In these times, empathy must be backed with an act. This is the time to do, not just talk. And that’s where Pro-ease makes a difference.”

Atishi Pradhan, planning lead, ADK Fortune, added, “Women are unstoppable, and this is precisely where Pro-ease, as a maker of sanitary napkins, comes in, as it can help these brave warriors in stepping out and fighting the fight. Day after day.”


Business Head: Vishal Gupta

Marketing Head: Manish Upadhyay

Marketing Team: Anurag Iyer, Rohit Chopra

Agency: ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Partner: Subroto Pradhan

Planning Lead: Atishi Pradhan

ECDs: Nakul Sharma and Tirtha Ghosh

Creative Directors: Ravi Shankar Mishra, Rajnish Jain

Account Management: Ambar Sharan Lal, Priyanka Surkali

Production House: Apocalypso Filmworks Pvt. Ltd.

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Music Director: Daniel B. George

Producer: Panchali Sarkar, Mrittika Mukherjee

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