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Rajkummar Rao stars in ads for fintech app Jupiter

The ads feature the actor in a variety of yoga asanas, trying to find his zen and manage finances.

Actor Rajkummar Rao tries doing a handstand to understand financial management. He does this in ads for Jupiter, a neobank that offers an array of banking services, including a 100 per cent digital banking experience.

In the ads, Rao is seen in various yoga poses (or asanas), emphasising on Jupiter's various features.

Jupiter seems to be trying to attract millennials and Gen Z audience by offering features such as opening an account online in minutes, without doing any paperwork. It’s a zero-balance, no-fee savings account, offered in partnership with Federal Bank.

In addition to features like easy bank transfers and UPI functionality, Jupiter also offers rewards to users when they spend on certain businesses.

Beyond being a banking app, Jupiter also allows users the option of financial tracking. They can get insights on their purchases in real-time, as well as track spends from multiple bank accounts.

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