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Ranveer Brar is unable to complete his lines as he relishes MasterChow's Schezwan Chutney in new ad

The campaign created by Studio Fry aims to deliver a cohesive message and expand into additional channels later this year.

Building on the success of their 'Asli Chinese' campaign, MasterChow and celebrity chef Ranveer Brar introduced the brand's Schezwan Chutney. This second phase reaffirms their shared commitment to authentic Indo- Chinese flavours by introducing an exciting condiment created by the homegrown food brand.

The new MasterChow Schezwan Chutney promises to pack a flavour punch with its fiery blend of chilies, garlic, and aromatic Sichuan spices. As chef Ranveer Brar explains, "Schezwan Chutney is a big hit as a dip for a variety of snacks, and with this summer being filled with entertainment and sports, we hope our schezwan is your partner in binging and watching!"

The founder of MasterChow, Vidur Kataria, this launch represents the next step in revolutionising how Indians experience Chinese cuisine at home. "Our partnership with Ranveer Brar is built on a mutual passion for culinary authenticity and innovation. With the Schezwan Chutney, we're giving our customers a taste of the real deal while putting an exciting MasterChow spin on this classic condiment."

The Schezwan Chutney kick-starts a new phase of the year-long 'Asli Chinese' campaign that will spotlight MasterChow's product range, with a focus on condiments and sauces. An integrated marketing effort will keep the buzz around the brand, ambassador, and products alive through engaging digital and social activations.

Studio Fry has been instrumental in shaping and executing the creative and production aspects of the campaign, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand message.

The campaign kick-started digitally, primarily through social media platforms, with potential expansion into other channels such as OTT later this year. The company has also curated a fun, quirky and engaging spree of pre-launch content for “MasterChow Loyalists” on Instagram.

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