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Ranveer Singh is Zomato's new brand ambassador

The brand has launched its World Cup campaign with the actor and cricketer Chris Gayle.

Zomato, the food delivery and restaurant discovery platform, has announced Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador. Zomato’s previous brand campaign, “Zomaito vs Zomahto” left India debating about the brand’s correct pronunciation. The debate continues in their all-new World Cup campaign that celebrates India’s unwavering love for cricket. As the excitement and anticipation for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 soars in India, Zomato’s latest brand campaign is live with Ranveer Singh and legendary cricketer Chris Gayle. The campaign is live across major digital and offline channels across the country.

In the campaign, Bollywood actor and Zomato’s brand ambassador, Ranveer Singh is seen hosting a watch party at his home for cricket fans, along with Chris Gayle! No watch party is complete without food, and Zomato joins the celebrations by delivering joy on time. However, Ranveer and Chris get into a debate while collecting the Zomato order. When the duo can’t decide whether it’s “Zomaito” or “Zomahto”, the Zomato delivery partner says, “Ab Zomaito–Zomahto nahi, India-India ka time hai!” As that penny-drop statement fills them with pride, the film ends with everyone celebrating together. Cricket is one of the key uniting forces in India and Zomato is an integral part of this celebration. After all, match ho toh Zomato!

In another leg of the campaign, Zomato has launched an AI-generated film featuring Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle, calling out restaurant partners’ names and their popular dishes, during this world cup season.

As India hosts the Cricket World Cup, the love for the sport and the Indian team is at an all-time high. There’s only one thing that matters for the next 45 days — supporting TEAM INDIA. Zomato captures this very feeling and declares that supporting India is more important than the brand itself, in a film packed with excitement.

Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney, marketing head, Zomato, commented, "Our World Cup campaign is born out of our love and respect for Team India. And who better than Ranveer Singh to capture the infectious excitement, energy and passion of cricket fans across the country. There is a natural synergy between Ranveer and Zomato, which we have captured in our campaign as well. The Cricket World Cup is an exciting time for Zomato and while India breaks records on the field, we too are ready to serve the country. As the ad film says, it is time for India-India over Zomato-Zomato.”

Expressing his enthusiasm on the collaboration, Ranveer Singh said, "I am a big fan of Team India and Zomato’s World Cup campaign is the perfect ode to cricket, this season. Zomato is an energetic brand and quite the outlier in their industry — that really stands out to me. I’m excited to celebrate cricket with Zomato, Chris Gayle and the nation. Also, don’t ask me if it’s Zomaito or Zomahto”

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