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Ranveer Singh, Mahesh Babu battle zombies in new Thums Up ad

The duo is the last two men standing in a post-apocalyptic world.

2020 has two days left in its tank and yet it won’t let us live in peace. Just as people were getting ready for the next year, we heard of a new Coronavirus strain emerging from the United Kingdom.

And while the governments the world over get ready to battle the new strain, Thums Up has released a new ad. Featuring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and Telugu film star Mahesh Babu, the ad has them take on the zombies. Yes, zombies.

Talk about doomsday scenarios, if you please.

The 60-second ad by Lowe Lintas features the duo in a post-apocalyptic world, searching for any remaining men. They head to an abandoned Thums Up factory, where Singh switches on the machines. As they try to grab a bottle of Thums Up, zombies appear to finish them off. But, how can our movie stars ever lose? They defeat the zombies and live to fight another day.

Thums Up has always been a macho type brand and interestingly, the script has two lines that allude to masculinity:

"Lagta hai duniya main hum do aakhri mard bache hain"

"Abhi bhi aakhri mard do he bache hain"

It’s the first time the two Thums Up ambassadors have worked together. Earlier, Thums Up had the two act in separate ads, but with the same script and cut; one in Hindi and another in Telugu.

A peek at previous Thums Up ads has the two in adventure scenarios looking for a fix of their favourite cola.

What’s interesting to note is that Babu signed for the brand in 2007, replacing Chiranjeevi, an acting legend (he worked primarily in Telugu cinema, in addition to Tamil, Kannada and Hindi film). He became one of its national ambassadors in 2012. In 2016, Singh signed on, replacing Salman Khan as Thums Up’s brand ambassador.

Singh shared a BTS photograph online, where he said, “One of the finest gentlemen I have had the privilege to collaborate with. Our interactions are always enriching. Love and respect to big brother Mahesh Garu.”

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