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Ranveer Singh spreads love for Christmas in Nutella’s latest campaign

The ‘#nutellawithlove’ campaign invites people to celebrate the festival with recipes made with Nutella.

Nutella, the hazelnut cocoa spread brand of Ferrero, is elevating the holiday spirits with a new campaign. It has associated with Ranveer Singh to ignite the warmth of Christmas with #nutellawithlove campaign.

Nutella and Ranveer invites everybody to 'spread the love' through dishes crafted with Nutella.

In the digital film, Ranveer is seen decorating his Christmas tree and explaining how the arrival of the festival is the time to do something special for their loved ones. He then reveals how he is set to ‘spread the love’ with Nutella muffins for his family. He further invites viewers to do the same by creating scrumptious recipes from and sharing it with their family and friends. 

Taking the Christmas celebrations up a notch, the brand is also holding a contest where fans could win a special Nutella Christmas jumper.

In the second film, Ranveer is ticking off his Christmas checklist to celebrate the occasion with dear ones. While doing so, he playfully recollects sweets aren’t in his checklist. Ranveer then reveals his trick to add sweetness to any occasion, Nutella, of course.

He then shares a reminder with everyone to add a touch of Nutella magic to their Christmas checklist. The digital film ends with Ranveer wishing for everyone’s Christmas to be as sweet as Nutella and the New Year to be filled with happiness and joy.

Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head, Nutella, Ferrero India, said, “Christmas season is associated with cooking, baking and Nutella adds that extra bit of magic to the process. The campaign aims to celebrate this season of joy, by encouraging people to bake classic recipes for their loved ones, adding Nutella as a special touch to bring about a delightful twist.” is hosting a collection of delightful and classic Christmas recipes with Nutella. These recipes will provide a canvas for everyone to express their love through the art of baking.

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