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Ranveer Singh spreads smiles with Nutella for 60th anniversary celebrations

Nutella is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Over the past six decades, millions of people have been starting their day with Nutella to spread positivity, feed togetherness, and bring unbeatable taste and enjoyment to their table. From humble beginnings in Italy, the brand is now spreading smiles in over 170 countries worldwide.

Nutella has evolved into an iconic global brand. However, it started with an inspirational story of invention and passion.

The product that would eventually become Nutella was developed by the founder of Ferrero Group, Pietro Ferrero. In response to cocoa supply shortages after WW2, the original recipe used just a little hint of cocoa – which was rare at the time – and added hazelnuts, a local delicacy in Piedmont, Italy.

Then, in 1964, while many were still making solid chocolate, Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero, evolved the product and created the Nutella® spread known and loved today.

Giovanni Ferrero, Executive Chairman of Ferrero Group, said: “As we mark this milestone anniversary, we celebrate Nutella – a beloved global brand driven by an innovative spirit and decades of expertise. Through the unbeatable taste of

Nutella, we have now created a range of new product experiences: Nutella B-ready, Nutella Biscuits, Nutella Muffin and Croissants. Looking ahead, we remain committed to building on this legacy, finding even more ways to offer fans positivity and choice.

We have been spreading smiles across the globe for 60 years and through passion, creativity, and innovation, Nutella will keep the world smiling for years to come.”

Nutella India wishes its fans across the country with a message through a brand film from its Brand Endorser, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, who is an ardent fan of Nutella and invites all to spread happiness and smiles on this milestone.

In addition, Nutella will be celebrating “60 years” of Nutella though various activities all year round starting with a special edition of “60 Years of Smiles” on the Nutella jars.

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