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Ranveer Singh takes center court in NBA India's new brand campaign #ThisIsBasketball

The campaign celebrates the spirit of basketball across the country and highlight its diversity and inclusiveness.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has launched its latest brand campaign in India titled #ThisIsBasketball, featuring Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh, who is also the NBA brand ambassador for India. This campaign aims to celebrate the spirit of basketball across the country and highlight its diversity and inclusiveness.

The campaign features a series of videos that will be released throughout the year. The first video, which was released recently, stars Ranveer Singh and features basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life sharing what the sport means to them. The video emphasises the core values of basketball, such as teamwork, determination, and the sense of belonging that the game instills.

The campaign also focuses on successful Indian basketball players to show how anyone can achieve their dreams. Shireen Limaye and Raspreet Sidhu, former and current captains of the Indian women's basketball team, and Lalrina Renthlei, a former member of the India senior men’s basketball team, are all featured in the video. Their stories show how much emotion and effort is put into the sport, and how the culture surrounding basketball is full of life.

Ranveer Singh, the NBA Brand Ambassador for India, has been working hard to promote basketball and to build a community of basketball fans in the country. His support has helped the sport become more visible and has encouraged more people to play and watch basketball.

This campaign is a celebration of basketball's growing popularity in India and the NBA's dedication to promoting and developing athletes in the country. The campaign not only celebrates the sport of basketball but also the values and teamwork that make it such a cherished activity for people from all walks of life. The subsequent videos in the series are expected to further highlight the impact of basketball on Indian society and the inspiring stories of those who are helping it grow.

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