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Ranveer Singh tap dances his way to checkmate his opponent in new Rupa Frontline spot

Made by Sideways Consulting, the ad is a humorous take on a serious chess game.

Chess is a game of focus and will, until actor Ranveer Singh is your opponent. In a new ad for Rupa Frontline, the leading men’s innerwear brand, he shocks his opponent by tap dancing on the table.

Made by Sideways Consulting, Singh, about to face imminent defeat, decides to tap dance on the table, with a mix of classic dance moves, in such a manner that he checkmates his opponent before the latter can realise what Singh is up to.

And, while tap dancing, Singh is mindful enough to flaunt his Rupa Innerwear.

Sixty seconds long, the ad’s humorous take on a serious chess game, underlines its ethos of personal style and comfort taking priority over 'prim and proper' attire and behaviour.

Rupa & Company, which owns the Rupa Frontline brand, had recently reported a total revenue of Rs 1,313 crore. The brand, at present, has Singh and Siddharth Malhotra as its celebrity brand ambassadors.

Singh signed up for Rupa Frontline back in 2015 and his first ad, where he beats a shark to impress a lady, immediately caught unnecessary attention.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took offence to this act and had said, as per an India TV website report, "By recruiting Ranveer Singh, Rupa Frontline is desperately trying to attract youth, but nothing shows how utterly out of touch with youngsters the company actually is than its depiction of cruelty to animals in its advertisement. There is nothing sexy about pretending to beat up an animal and nothing that may disgust a girl more."


Team Sideways:

Co-founder: Abhijit Avasthi, Sonali Sehgal

Strategy: Rahul Jain

Creative: Sameer Sojwal, Misht Srivastava, Vaibhav Patil

Account management: Aditya Dhull, Aahiri Ghosh

Production house: Hungry Films

Producer: Dharam Valia

Director: Vijay Sawant

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