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Ranveer Singh turns into a wedding photographer for Manyavar’s ‘Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye’ campaign

The campaign has been been conceptualized and executed by Shreyansh Innovations

Just in time for the wedding season, Manyavar, the Indian celebration wear brand launches a new film from their Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye campaign to reinforce the idea of not being ‘Wedding Ready’ unless you are dressed in Indian wear.

Weddings are a time to celebrate who we are and a wonderful chance to put on the best of what Indian traditions and culture have to offer. Manyavar has launched its first wedding film for the season under the ‘Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye’ campaign with popular Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. In this film, Ranveer Singh turns up as a spunky, witty wedding photographer, dressed in his finest, singles out the suit-clad Mausaji that he is ruining the perfect family photo! Ranveer Singh swoops in to tell Mausaji and the audience: Shaadi Hai…. Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye!

“Manyavar has always been an integral part of the larger-than-life wedding celebrations in India. As a brand, weddings are at the heart of Manyavar and we believe that Indian wear connects you to the soul over any other kind of westernized dressing. It is an absolute mood lifter that brightens up every occasion. I believe you are not fully dressed up for an Indian wedding unless you are dressed in Indian wear. In line with this thought, this year we are launching a new series of films in our Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye campaign with none other than Ranveer Singh. He has truly imbibed the essence of the campaign with his witty persona in the films, as you can see. We are confident that our audience will resonate with his energy and connect to the campaign’s messaging Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye”, said Vedant Modi, CMO, Vedant Fashions.

Adding to the thought, bollywood actor and brand Ambassador, Ranveer Singh shared, “I am someone who takes great pride in celebrating Indian culture and we all know how grand and celebratory Indian weddings are. It was great working on Manyavar’s Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye campaign because I personally enjoy working on projects I can relate to.”

The campaign has been been conceptualized and executed by Shreyansh Innovations and the founder, director of the agency Shreyansh Baid, opined, "We were given the task of reinforcing the message of 'Taiyaar hokar aaiye' in a more light-hearted and quirky way. And that's when we took the opportunity to present Ranveer in a whole new avatar, as a spunky photographer to convey the message to our audience.

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