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Rapido partners with PubMatic to enhance advertiser engagement with its users

This collaboration will enable advertisers on the PubMatic platform to directly engage with Rapido’s young, digitally savvy user base.

Rapido, a commute app, announces its partnership with PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future. This strategic collaboration will enable advertisers on the PubMatic platform to directly engage with Rapido’s young, digitally savvy user base. This partnership will open up a new customer touchpoint for advertisers – to connect to customers with high intent and the ability to pay while they are on the move.

Rapido, through its network of varied services including bikes, autos and cabs, across 120 cities, facilitates approximately 2 million rides daily, equating to nearly 700 trips booked every minute. Given that 75% of Rapido’s users fall within the NCCS A category, this partnership unlocks unparalleled opportunities for advertisers to engage with a highly affluent and intent-driven audience for advertisers.

Rapido's partnership with PubMatic taps into key customer macroeconomic trends- including the rise of women in the workplace and mobile first Gen Z audiences. This customer base, combined with a variety of advertising formats on the platform such as display, video, native and interstitial drive increased visibility, impact and engagement.

Speaking on this eventful collaboration, Vivek Vashishta, director, New Initiatives, Rapido, said, ‘We look forward to augmenting our programmatic advertising offering through our partnership with PubMatic. We believe that a combination of our contextual inventory, intent driven audience and PubMatic's advanced programmatic technology, will enable advertisers to drive value driven campaigns. Through this partnership, we are poised to create meaningful connections between brands and consumers, driving mutual value and fostering long-term success in the digital advertising landscape.”

Amit Yadav, country manager, South Asia, PubMatic, commented, “We are excited to partner with Rapido to provide our advertisers with access to Rapido’s highly engaged and diverse user base. As advertisers increasingly look to leverage commerce platforms and data for advertising, this partnership allows them to tailor their campaigns to effectively reach their target demographics. Our partnership with Rapido aligns with, and reinforces, our commitment to empowering advertisers, publishers and commerce players with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital landscape.”

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