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Ravi Kishan rails against Tata Salt lookalikes

It warns people that not every orange pack is Tata Salt.

Nobody likes a betrayal especially if the said person “ne aapka namak khaya hai”. This is the thought that hilariously goes into two new ads from Tata Salt in Uttar Pradesh. The aim? To make people aware of fake packs.

Made for the Uttar Pradesh market, actor Ravi Kishan highlights the importance of using a genuine, high-quality Tata Salt instead of any look-alike, imitation alternatives that may be available in the market.

Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods, India, Tata Consumer Products, commented, “Several look-alike brands have labels that often look identical to Tata Salt, and consumers mistakenly pick them up. However, these imitation brands might not be able to deliver the expected benefits and the assurance of quality that vacuum evaporated Tata Salt can provide. This new 360-degree marketing campaign for Uttar Pradesh is an intervention to educate both trade and consumers to choose the real Tata Salt and thereby make the right choice for their wellbeing.”

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