Aishwarya Ramesh

Recent Swiggy ads focus on socialising at home

The ads show people ordering from the app while watching IPL matches together.

Most people's favourite way to enjoy the IPL match is with a good meal. Keeping this in mind, food aggregator apps Swiggy and Zomato have introduced offers that can be applied during match days. Swiggy has released two ads for these discounts too.

In the first ad, we see a group of young college students sitting together and watching the match. One man tells the others that today it's the juniors' turn to treat the seniors. The kids seem caught off guard - until they hear about Swiggy's offers.

In the second ad, we see two brothers talking to their mom over a video call. It's not directly implied that they're watching the IPL, but the two of them are sitting in front of the faint glow of a television screen. When they realise that the food cooked at home wasn't successfully prepared, their faces light up with a smile.

It's interesting to note that one of the ads focuses on social viewing. A trend we're told is making a comeback now that people want to socialise without actually having to go out. Recently over a call with the marketing head of Licious - Santosh Hegde, he told us that the company's research showed them that there is a strong connection between snacking and sporting events.

“For Indians, food plays a very strong role in socialising. After two years, people are finally getting together to watch matches and we wanted to capitalise on that viewing occasion with our commercials,” says Hegde.

Licious' ads also show friends watching the match together. Interestingly enough, these ads are Licious' way of competing with the food aggregators by prompting people to step into their kitchens and make the food themselves, albeit in a convenient way.

The characters in this ad are seen asking for dishes from specific restaurants, to which their host replies that he or she will cook them a better version of the dish at home - with Licious' products. In these ads, the product being marketed is ready to cook marinated meats and snacks, but the premise of snacking during the IPL is certainly here to stay.

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