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redBus' latest film redefines third-wheelers V-Day as a day for self-indulgence

Additionally, third-wheelers can enter to win free bus tickets for a full year through its Instagram contest.

Valentine’s Day, universally celebrated as a day of love for couples, is also a day when several people end up becoming third parties on dates and relationships. redBus, a MakeMyTrip group company, has released a short video as a tribute to those who are dragged along as a third wheel by couples. The film titled 'Three Se Ho Jao Free' explores this situation and showcases how singles can have fun on this day.

The narrative unfolds with two strangers - a boisterous man who sits next to a quiet, reserved man on a bus. The talkative man launches into a monologue about his recurring experiences with the number three. Fed up of his non-stop talking, the second man asks why he has a problem with this number, to which the first man states that he is a third wheel to a Valentine’s Day couple. The story takes an unexpected turn when the quiet man confesses that he too, is in the same boat! Both characters then invite the audience to give up their third wheel status and instead go on a solo trip with redBus.

The film aims to encourage its viewers to take charge of their own journey and enjoy the day, instead of tagging along with someone else. Three Se Ho Jao Free encourages viewers to prioritise their own well-being and happiness over conventional celebrations of the day. The film integrates the brand's message with humor and moments of connection between the two lead characters.

To help singletons and other travelers make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one, redBus is running an Instagram contest during Valentine’s week. In response to redBus’ reel, viewers are invited to share their third wheeling stories. The funniest stories stand a chance to win up to one year’s worth of free bus tickets.

Commenting on redBus’ efforts, Pallavi Chopra, CMO, redBus, said, "Being the third wheel on Valentine’s Day and the feeling of being left out is a relatable experience for many people. While this situation is typically viewed as a negative experience, we are redefining this as a positive one- a day for self-indulgence and time dedicated to oneself on a solo trip. At redBus, we believe in creating insightful campaigns that resonate with our audience on a personal level."


Production House: HCMF Productions

Director: Amitabh Aurora

DOP: Sonu Singh

Editor: Suraj Gunjal

Producer: Gaurav Joshi

Music: Abhishek Walimbe

Colorist: Shivesh for splice studios

Styling: Madhubala Vaishanav

AD: Sanjana Singh

Cast: Akashdeep Arora, Mayank Madan, Zessica Harrison, Khushi Saxena, Lokesh Gautam

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