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redBus unwraps #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming to celebrate diversity

The short film depicts Christmas in India as a melting pot for different cultures and generations.

redBus, an online bus ticketing platform, has released #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming, part of redBus's annual initiative. The ad aims to capture the universal essence of Christmas without any barriers.

The video weavs together the delicate threads of family, tradition and cultural unity into a tapestry of storytelling. #EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming goes beyond the typical Christmas film clichés, exploring the nuances of familial bonds, cultural pluralism and the transformative power of reconnecting with one's heritage.

Through this cinematic journey, redBus aims to inspire audiences to reflect on the significance of homecoming and the shared human experiences that bind us all together during the festive season. The film, produced by redBus, weaves together the stories of two central characters, Mr. Menon and his granddaughter Roshni, as they embark on a poignant journey to reconnect with their roots.

Mr. Menon, a symbol of a generation uprooted from its cultural origins and Roshni, representing the younger generation navigating the complexities of modern urban life. The film emphasises the idea that Christmas feels merriest when celebrated in a place the heart calls home.

As the duo travel from Bangalore to the picturesque landscapes of Mr. Menon's hometown, the audience is taken on an emotionally resonant journey. The narrative captures the grandfather-granddaughter dynamic, emphasising the generational gap in their understanding of festive celebrations.

The film's unique narrative thread is woven with cultural diversity, showcasing the richness of Christmas traditions across different communities. From the lively streets of Fort Kochi, to encounters with old friends from varied backgrounds, the film highlights the importance of embracing diversity and the power of shared festivities to unite communities.

Pallavi Chopra, CMO, redBus, said, "This isn't just a film, it's a strategic narrative that aligns seamlessly with redBus's mission of connecting people and cultures across geographical boundaries. Just as redBus links travelers to destinations, the film links hearts through the universal themes of family, tradition and the power of shared cultural experiences."


Production House: Sugar Shot Films

Executive Producer: Sandeep Sugumaran 

Creative Producer: Siddharth Vaidyanathan

Director: Chaitanya Menon

Producers: Vishnujith Varma & Sean Somanna 

DOP: Vivek Prem Singh

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