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Redmi does a Tide for its Note 11 Pro in a three-ad series

'Chaunk Gaye?' need not apply only to lackluster or stained clothing.

Redmi, a Chinese smartphone maker has used an old albeit rare for its category creative device to illustrate a feature - shock.

In a three-ad series made by Momo Media, the smartphone brand, like Tide Detergent, deploys the left-to-right swipe action of its new Note 11 Pro to show the superior quality of its AMOLED screen compared to the dull world of the ad’s protagonists before the move.

Each of the three ads is set around events where photography or videography is expected: marriage procession, birthday part, art exhibit.

And every time, the Redmi smartphone swipes from the screen’s left to its right, the shocked expression of the actors is reminiscent of Tide’s ‘Chaunk Gaye’ campaign, there is no need to remind why this happened because the detergent’s brand recall does the job in this campaign - a shinier display.

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