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Reliance General Insurance unveils 'Protection Ka All-rounder' campaign for new Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield

The campaign has been conceptualised by ^ a t o m network.

Reliance General Insurance is excited to launch its latest campaign, "Protection Ka All-rounder," for its innovative new product, the Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield. This campaign aims to highlight the comprehensive and versatile nature of the policy, which offers 360-degree protection to policyholders both within India and worldwide.

From covering hospitalisation expenses to Out-Patient, to even personal & financial liabilities like home, vehicle & educational loan to arranging for legal assistance & more, this policy ensures holistic support to the insured & their family at the time of need. This comprehensive policy ensures you have all-in-one coverage for various accident-related contingencies.

Drawing parallels between the product and figures like the potato, the cricketer and the artist where each performs as an all-rounder in their respective fields, the campaign effectively illustrates the product’s comprehensive nature.

Created by ^a t o m network the 'Protection Ka All-rounder' campaign conveys the holistic coverage provided by the Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield through three engaging ad films, each featuring a different all-rounder aspects.

  • The Potato: Celebrated for its versatility in Indian cuisine, the potato is used to symbolise the insurance policy’s adaptability and ability to seamlessly integrate into any situation. Just as the potato can enhance any dish, the Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield offers coverage that adapts to all aspects of an accident.

  • The Cricketer: This ad features a cricketer skilled in batting, bowling, and fielding, drawing a parallel to the policy’s all-encompassing protection. Just as the cricketer performs in all areas of the game, the Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield leaves no aspect of coverage unprotected.

  • The Artist: Showcasing a multi-talented artist who can act, design, produce, direct, and shoot, this ad underscores the policy’s comprehensive nature. It highlights how the Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield can cater to a wide range of needs and scenarios, much like an artist who excels in multiple roles.

“With Reliance Personal Accident 360 Shield, we aim to redefine how people perceive Insurance by showcasing its versatility and essential role in protecting every aspect of life. Our campaign leverages humour and relatable characters to transform a traditionally serious topic into something engaging and accessible for families. The goal with this campaign is to bring a light-hearted yet impactful message into Indian homes, ensuring that important conversations about preparedness and security become a natural part of everyday life,” said Prabhdeep Batra, chief distribution officer, Reliance General Insurance.

Yash Kulshresth, co-founder & chief creative officer, ^a t o m network, added, “Insurance isn't typically a topic that sparks excitement at home. We often shy away from discussing unpredictable and unfortunate life incidents with our loved ones. Through this campaign, we wanted to bring a light-hearted yet meaningful conversation into Indian households about an all-rounder insurance policy. The Jija-Sala duo is a fresh pair we plan to build as recurring characters for the campaign."

Reliance General Insurance Brand Team: Surabhi Kanjilal, Rahul Sharma, Shilpa Bopanna, Akshara Agarwal

Creative Team: Yash Kulshresth, Ravikrishna S, Rahul Gaate, Sourabh Dhabhai, Anil Nair

Account Management: Abheek Chatterji, Vikram Purohit, Sanket Misal

Production House: Atarkya Creatives Media Labs

Directors: Shiva Varma & Saptaraj Chakraborty

Producer: Aditya Sharma

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