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Reliance resQ celebrates Engineers in captivating digital film by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi

The film highlights the dedication and loyalty of the Reliance resQ engineers, focusing on their consistent and unwavering commitment to quickly repair electronic devices all year round.

L&K Saatchi & Saatchi has created a digital video that celebrates the dedicated commitment of Reliance resQ engineers to customer service. The video highlights the hard work of these engineers who go above and beyond to provide prompt assistance for electronic devices, even on special occasions, holidays, or busy periods. Ultimately, their efforts contribute to a stress-free and enjoyable Diwali for customers.

The movie showcases the determination and commitment of the Reliance resQ engineers, emphasising their unwavering efforts to promptly fix electronic devices throughout the year, regardless of the time or occasion. It also captures the satisfaction the engineers feel when they see their customers happy and smiling.

Debarjyo Nandi, executive vice president at L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, remarked, “While we celebrate our festivals with friends and family, there is an entire community of service professionals, like Reliance resQ, who don’t, just so that we can. This film is just a profound reminder of that reality.”

A spokesperson from Reliance resQ added, “The engineers at resQ thrive on customer delight. No matter the challenge, they are ready to resolve it with a timely and robust solution. This film brings to light their dedication and is a salute to their ever-shining spirit to go beyond the time and occasion barrier to help a customer in need.”

The digital movie is scheduled to be launched on different social media platforms and digital channels, with the goal of increasing the visibility of Reliance resQ as the top choice for fast, dependable, and excellent solutions to all electronic issues.

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