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Rent a place near a McDonald’s outlet says, Burger King

In its new campaign called 'Best Neighbour', Burger King once again takes a potshot at its rival while highlighting its stand-out feature.

Sometimes, two people regardless of where they are will find a way to connect with each other. In this case, the two people are brands with one always taking the mickey out of the other.

In the latest instance of Burger King’s love affair with McDonald’s, the former in a campaign called ‘Best Neighbour’ went hunting for the best real estate spots near its rival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil.

Burger King 'Best Neighbour'
Burger King 'Best Neighbour'

And once it found the ideal spots, Burger King put up or tweaked ‘For Rent' signs at places near or above McDonald’s outlets but with a kicker - ‘Don’t worry: Tenant below never grills’ or ‘Opportunity: Neighbour Never Grills. Ever.’, ‘BBQ smoke-free tenant below’, and 'Don't worry: The neighbour doesn't barbecue.'

The point being made was simple, Burger King is famed for its grilled patties while its rival, not. David São Paulo and David Madrid, creative agencies, were behind this campaign.

According to an AdAge report on March 13, 2020, David Creative VP Rafael Donato said in a statement, “Everyone just loves flame-grilled barbecued meat, but not everyone likes to have a barbecuing neighbor, with the 'Best Neighbor' campaign we help these people, highlighting one of the features that sets BK apart as a brand without losing our sense of humor.”

The report also said, ‘One of the signs even includes a phone number (55 11 3022-3359). Those who call will hear the message, "When picking an apartment, no one really wants annoying smoke: that's why it's great to have a neighbor who doesn't barbecue. But when your stomach growls, a flame-grilled patty on a Burger King sandwich makes a heck of a difference. Interested in this building? Please send an email to” Those interested will be directed to the building's real seller.’

This, however, isn’t the first time that Burger King has targeted its rivals in such a brazen manner in Brazil.

In a previous campaign called ‘Burn That Ad’ (2019), people were encouraged to use the Burger King app on their smartphones to screen competitor ads. Once they did, the ad would burn on their screens (augmented reality). Once burned down, people would see a message telling them that they had won a free Whopper.

DAVID Sao Paulo had executed this campaign to promote BK Express. A tool to pre-order food items at Burger King and avoid the busy queues at the outlets. The campaign won big at Cannes Lions and Clio awards.

Back home in India, for Valentine’s Day 2020, Burger King India took potshots at Ronald McDonald.

The brand posted a video on its social media channels showing a clown that closely resembled the McDonald’s mascot. We see him sitting alone at different places while sombre music plays in the background. While we feel bad for him, Burger King pulls the heartstrings with a message on the screen, 'It sucks to be lonely. Especially on Valentine's Day'.

We are then told that we stand to win a free Whopper if we upload a selfie with the clown and tag Burger King India on its social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).