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Research & Ranking launches #NayaZamaanaNayiSoch Campaign

The campaign emphasizes the importance of equity investing to create wealth.

Research & Ranking, India’s leading equity investment advisory firm and part of the Equentis Group, launched its #NayaZamaanaNayiSoch campaign. The investor education campaign aims to echo the importance of investing in Equities as a preferred and hassle-free option to create wealth for the next generation (Equity is the new gold/new property). The campaign has been conceptualized, created, and directed by Smart Magic Productions.

In July 2022, Research and Ranking announced the launch of its investor education platform – Informed InvestoRR - that enables investors to discern actionable facts and insights from the noise to make effective decisions. #NayaZaamanaNayiSoch is a culmination of Informed InvestoRR’s wealth creation principles.

The creative visualization is in line with the brand’s vision of educating and empowering Indians to invest in equity. This vision has been presented effectively in the two brand asset videos. Less than 5% of Indians invest in equities as compared to 12.7% in China and more than 50% in the US*.

Indians believe and understand the importance of financial planning but still stick to the conventional ways of investing in FDs, Gold, and Real Estate to generate wealth. Various research studies have shown that equities outperform other asset classes over the long term. However, due to misinformation, poor awareness, limited solutions, lack of knowledge and improper guidance, many don’t realize the value offered by equities. #NayaZamaanaNayiSoch aims to break this mould, and the videos show parents advising their children to invest in Equities rather than traditional asset classes.

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