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Revv's campaign is an ode to sufferings during safar

'Why suffer in your safar?' asks Revv Cars

For any traveller in India using the existing modes of transport options available, there is a loss of control over many situations that one might encounter. It could be the nuisance created by an unruly co-passenger or the constant gaze of an annoying cab driver. Travelling in the country is hence not always pleasant. Using this insight, Revv Cars offers an alternative medium of travel that aims to make journeys a hassle-free experience by offering a certain level of control over the corresponding dynamics.

The campaign, conceptualised by GREY group, is a series of three films showcasing examples of how people find themselves in unpleasant life situations while travelling and how Revv enables them to have a better experience by offering a sense of control and flexibility.

Speaking on the campaign, Karan Jain, founder, Revv Cars, says, “At its core, Revv believes in offering control, freedom and privacy to the customers. Staying true to our core values while addressing the problems of alternative modes of commute was our one-line brief to the agency. The agency's concept brought forth the discomfort of those travel moments, with a touch of humour. The frequently used phrase of ‘safar mein suffer’ was a conscious choice to bring in familiarity. We believe that consumers are smart enough to make their choices. No brand communication should be preachy. This campaign ticked all the right boxes for us.”

Karan Jain
Karan Jain

Ketan Desai, president – Growth and Integration Officer, Delhi Branch Head, said, “This work is steeped in a common complaint, such as unreliable drivers, undesirable and unknown seat sharers. We at Revv want to own the category’s problems and give solutions that the consumer is craving for. Look out for this space for more fun yet habit changing work.”

Ketan Desai
Ketan Desai

Experts Speak

Abhishek Chaturvedi, vice president of planning at McCann Worldgroup feels that the campaign has the tendency to come off as a bit crude. "The insights that the campaign is based on are very real, but the humour could have been handled a little better," he says. Chaturvedi mentions that the campaign feels like a creative exaggeration in its current avatar.

Abhishek Chaturvedi
Abhishek Chaturvedi

"There's no mention of the features of Revv in this case. The brand isn't making a case about why we should pick them over competing brands such as Zoomcar or Drivezy. What's to say I can't get the same, stress-free experience from those brands?" he questions.

Pratap Bose, chairman and co-founder of Social Street shares a similar opinion. "Even when it comes to humour, there could have been finesse in the execution. The campaign objectives are clearly established - that's absolutely bang on. But no doubt, there's a lot more that could be done in terms of execution," he says.

Pratap Bose
Pratap Bose

"When it comes to the insight, I'm sure they would have picked the best one from a set of different choices. There must have been a good amount of consideration that went into the decision making process in this case. I'm just being pragmatic here..." he says, adding that the ads are well done, but could have been done better.

Credits List:

Director: Vivek Anchalia

Producer: Mitalee Prabhu

DOP: Arnab Gayan

Client: Revv Cars

Agency: GREY group India

Creative: Sandipan Bhattacharya, Arjun Bhimwal, Piyush Jain, Gurdev Singh, Zishan Mohammed

Films Head: Samir Chadhha

Servicing: Rahul Pahwa, Tina Sauson

1st AD: Abhay Nihlani

2nd AD: Malhar Wadke

DA : Rahul Pai

Line Producer: Shekhar Yadav

Production Manager: Jash Ghatlia

Production Design: Bhawani Patel

Wardrobe Stylist: Rajvee Shah

Casting Director: Vikass gupta

Music: Raghav Mehta

Offline Editor: Bhupesh Sharma

Grade: Shivesh

CG: Splice Studios

Online Editor: Hussain Khan

Sound Studio: Splice studios

Sound Engineer: Tommy Monteiro

Post Producer: Lokesh Agarwal

Post Production Studio: Splice Studios

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