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Rohit Shetty once again turns to OLX Autos to sell his damaged-during-shoot car

And Sharman Joshi is there to offer the best price.

Director Rohit Shetty is still in the mood to blow up cars and then sell them on OLX Autos. In his second ad for the used cars platform, he, once again, meets the brand’s auto sales rep (actor Sharman Joshi) to get the best price for the about to be blown car.

Made by Lowe Lintas, this multi-ad campaign is OLX Auto’s first celebrity-led campaign.

An ad for selling a car is simple but when you see Shetty, who’s made a name of blowing up vehicles, look for an advantageous price for these vehicles, the connect becomes stronger.

Siddharth Agrawal, country head - marketing, OLX Autos, speaking to afaqs! in April 2022 when the campaign’s first ad released said, “We didn’t want to use celebrities just for their following. Instead, we wanted to make some clutter-breaking advertising. We wanted to work with a celebrity who's known for his love for cars.”

“A celebrity helps create rapid mass awareness for any campaign. But we wanted to do it at the right stage. Now, our business has some scale and we are, by far, the second-largest player in the used car business. So, we thought this is the right time to reach our consumers through a celebrity,” added Agrawal.

The campaign will feature four films and will be released on topical days to catch the consumer’s eyes when they are looking to buy a four-wheeler.

Vasudha Misra, regional creative officer, Lowe Lintas, had then said, “It was an exciting campaign to work on, from the start. When the team first pitched the idea to me - to bring in Rohit Shetty, someone known for his action stunts with cars, to promote OLX Autos - I was immediately sold. Like OLX Autos' great price, this has also turned out to be a great surprise.”

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