Aishwarya Ramesh

Ryan Reynolds is having a busy holiday season...

Churning out ads for a variety of brands.

Ryan Reynolds is having a busy year. This holiday season has seen him and his ad agency work on a series of ads across different categories with Reynolds himself as the face of most of these ads. In signature Reynolds style, the ads all feature his acting range, as he stars in a variety of situations.

The ad that's been going most viral this season is the follow up of the ads for Peloton exercise bikes. The ad features a couple cosying up by a fire, with the male half played by Sex and The City actor Chris Noth. The ad has been deleted from his channel following allegations of sexual misconduct by the actor (not Reynolds, Noth.)

Another ad that the ad agency has recreated is the classic American PSA 'This is your brain on drugs'. The ad recreated is for Kraft Cheese slices, featuring an exasperated kid who asks his dad if he really needs to make every meal so boring.

The most notable of the recent ads that the Deadpool actor has worked on is an ad featuring Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Voyages. The ad is a conversation between two actors that is meant to highlight the different features of Virgin Voyages - an extension of the Virgin Mobile brand.

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