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Samsung flips out another attack on Apple with its latest phone ad

The ad features a woman obsessing over Samsung Z Flip4 phone.

If you're a smartphone user, looking to upgrade your device, it's likely that you were waiting for the Apple event on September 7 to make your decision. It was during the event that Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the introduction of the latest iPhone 14 line of phones.

Normally, when a new phone model is announced, the price of the previous models drop, making them more accessible.

But a person looking to buy a new phone could also be persuaded to buy a different brand - like Samsung, for example. The Korean smartphone maker has been using this to its advantage. Its latest ad features a woman mesmerised by the Samsung Z Flip4 phone.

Initially, she clutches her existing phone tight and claims she would never stop using it. But, as the ad progresses, we see her obsessing over the design, seeing objects flip everywhere she goes. "I would never switch to Samsung, I enjoy buying the same phone over and over again," the woman says, taking a dig at the fact that the iPhone's design has barely changed in the last decade or so.

By the end of the ad, she finally gives in, and we see another passerby on the bus viewing the phone with fascination, sparking the cycle off again.

This ad may be subtle in its messaging, but the timing is hard to miss. The iPhone 14 line costs upward of Rs 1 lakh in India and this is when Samsung steps in, offering an upgrade option that seemingly packs in more features than an iPhone.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Samsung has taken a dig at Apple. It recently released an ad for its S22 range of phones, touting its different features. In an ad titled 'Buckle Up', the narrator takes the viewer through a range of features that the phone has, that are 'not coming to an iPhone near you'.

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