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Samsung India launches 'World On My Watch’ campaign to showcase the features of Watch6 Series

The campaign is conceptualised by Cheil India.

Cheil India has launched a new campaign for Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series that aims to inspire users to enter a new era of connectivity, productivity, and well-being. The campaign, named World On My Watch, emphasises on the versatility of Galaxy Watch6 series as a reliable companion that helps users accomplish a variety of tasks in their daily routine like managing hectic schedules, tracking health and wellness, and even entertainment.

"Galaxy Watch6 series offers unparalleled convenience and connectivity like never before. Through the latest campaign, we decided to do something different and adopted a benefit-first approach. With LTE integration, users break free from the confines of their smartphones, embracing the liberty to manage essential features directly from their wrists,” said Aditya Babbar, vice president, MX Business, Samsung India.

The Galaxy Watch6 series distinguishes itself with its robust LTE connectivity, enabling users to stay connected even without their smartphones. This newfound freedom and flexibility redefine wearable technology, providing users with convenience and peace of mind. The Galaxy Watch6 series provides health and wellness as priority, offering advanced features like blood pressure tracking and ECG monitoring.

The film also highlights wide-ranging capabilities of Galaxy Watch6 series including navigating effortlessly through urban landscapes, facilitating digital transactions and streaming content. In addition, with the ability to stream music, videos, and news, Galaxy Watch6 series makes every day engaging.

"The film elegantly demonstrates how technology can seamlessly become part of our everyday lives, enhancing convenience, productivity, and well-being. This blend of connectivity, health tracking, and entertainment makes it a perfect pick," said Vikash Chemjong, chief creative officer at Cheil India.


Agency: Cheil India

Chief Operating Officer: Sanjeev Jasani

Chief Creative Officer: Vikash Chemjong

Campaign Director: Kapshin Cho

Chief Strategy Officer: Sourav Ray

Business Head: Saksham Kohli

Group Creative Directors: Manoj Pandey, Sachin Ambekar

DGM Strategy: Kunal Ghosh

Creative Director: Prabhjeet Singh Oberoi

Art Director: Aditi Baldha

Account Manager: Varun Mathur

Agency Producer: Revati Ahuja

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