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Samsung launches digital campaign to showcase the power of Galaxy Watch with LTE

The campaign by Cheil India takes viewers on an exhilarating journey, showcasing the exceptional features of Galaxy Watch with LTE.

Samsung, the consumer electronics brand, has launcheda new campaign on Galaxy Watch with LTE that demonstrates amazing abilities of the smartwatch. Galaxy Watch with LTE connects with all android smartphones and allows consumers to stay connected even when their phone is away. It enables them to make calls, listen to music, stream content, effortlessly navigate, and stay connected through messaging.

The campaign film takes viewers on an exhilarating journey, showcasing the exceptional features of Galaxy Watch with LTE and highlighting its ability to keep consumers connected, no matter where they go.

This film captures the story of a young man who is intrigued by the ability of Galaxy Watch with LTE to function independently of a phone in a lively office setting. His curiosity leads to a series of scenarios where he tests the connectivity limit of the smartwatch. From teleporting across the office to receiving messages in a taxi and streaming a live match on a raft, he is awed by the unbelievable connectivity. While standing next to an elephant in a remote jungle, he livestreams music on his smartwatch. In a dark cave, the smartwatch surprises him with its navigation capabilities, and he receives a call even in an empty dessert.

“LTE technology in smartwatch is a game changing technology that is aimed at offering limitless connectivity to consumers. Our latest campaign is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to LTE-first strategy in android smartwatch segment. It is in line with our Galaxy openness philosophy that is aimed at opening possibilities and connect without limits. It encapsulates the essence of our premium LTE smartwatches that empower consumers with the freedom to go anywhere without their phone and still stay effortlessly connected,” said Aditya Babbar, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India.

“The campaign brief was to tell the world: no matter how far you go without your phone, Galaxy Watch with LTE keeps you connected. And we were willing to go the distance to tell that story— from rounds of fine-tuning the scripts to handpicking the director to travelling places. When one goes the extra mile, the result is work that travels, too,” said Vikash Chemjong, CCO, Cheil India.

“The script of the campaign film had an inherent musicality and imagination to it - I just chose to choreograph instead of simply narrating it. I wanted to retain the raw energy of the world including its unpredictable thrills. Basically, we - collectively - just danced around the idea and voila! we had a film,” said Faraz Ali, Director, Going Rogue Films.

Unlike a Bluetooth smartwatch, smartwatches with LTE come with an in-built eSIM that directly provides connectivity to the cellular network. Hence, consumers can always stay connected regardless of their proximity to their phones.

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