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Samsung taunts Apple’s iPhone in three new ads

It’s for the South Korean electronics giant’s S21 Ultra 5G, whose features are compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

There’s nothing more amusing to watch than two arch-rivals take potshots at each other. This time, it is South Korean electronics giant Samsung’s S21 Ultra 5G taunting Apple’s iPhone 12 in three ads (US).

“Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade,” says Samsung in a clear reference to how the sale of old iPhone models shoot up whenever Apple launches the latest model of its smartphone.

The first ad shows us the 100x zoom prowess of the S21 Ultra 5G, as compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 12x reach into outer space; we know who’s come out on top.

Samsung’s second ad touts the S21 Ultra’s 108 MP camera versus iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 12MP camera. The subject is a grilled cheese toast.

And, in the third ad, it’s all about the S21 Ultra’s ability to take video and a picture in one click, unlike the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Talk about releasing three ads to burn a rival.

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