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Samsung unveils apocalyptic ad film to promote its new gaming monitor

To advertise for the Odyssey Neo G9, the ad takes the viewer to the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

To emphasise on immersive gaming experiences, Samsung's latest ad puts its protagonist bang in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. At the beginning of the ad, we see the protagonist preparing to leave his office, when all of a sudden, the lights flicker ominously.

The monitor being advertised - the Odyssey Neo G9 is a curved monitor which targets gamers. There are cues in the ad that suggest that the situation is similar to what one might find in video games. A gun magically appears in the protagonist's hand, hoards of zombies crawl through dilapidated parking lots and the hero fights to survive.

At the very end of the ad we see the protagonist jerk back to reality when he looks up from his monitor. He has a surprised look on his face, as his friend's ask him how he played so well.

During the course of the ad the audience's POV changes too. On one hand, we see the protagonist desperately fight off zombies and in the next shot, we see from the protagonist's point of view - and get attacked by zombies. The ad ends with a tagline 'defy reality'.