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Samsung's advertising blitzkrieg to promote new Galaxy S22, S22+ phones

The handsets are now available all over the world.

Samsung is going all out to promote its two new phone models - Galaxy S22 and S22+. To drive home the message about the features, the South Korean smartphone maker has released three new ads on its YouTube channel.

The first ad mimics a period drama, with an aristocratic woman looking at a painting of the phone, inquiring about its features. The woman proclaims that she has no idea what the touted features mean, but seems impressed with the overall look and feel of the phone, nonetheless.

The second ad continues with the aristocratic theme, with two portraits of the phone being unveiled at what seems like a ball. The woman nods, solemnly agreeing that the phone is, indeed, beautiful and we zoom in to see more examples of the build and design.

According to a press release, the design of these phones is intentionally different from previous models. The camera layout has been rearranged to establish a design identity that the Galaxy S series will maintain, going forward. The camera has been positioned in such a way that it is equidistant from the devices’ horizontal and vertical edges, creating a more refined impression.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>The new camera design on the Samsung S22 and S22+</p></div>

The new camera design on the Samsung S22 and S22+

The last ad is an official film, titled 'Make Nights Epic'. We see a young man walking around town, using his phone to capture images at varying levels of light. Night photography is a feature that many smartphone makers are touting in advertising messages - especially since shooting images in low light is challenging, even for seasoned photographers.

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