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Samsung's new Galaxy SmartTag+ ad tracks the mystery of missing keys

The ad traces the journey of car keys with the (Galaxy SmartTag+ attached) as it ‘moves’ from one end of the house to the other.

We’ve all heard this line from our parents way too many times when we’re searching for things: “Do things in this house just sprout legs and run away?”. A humorous take on this reality of many of our lives is the theme of the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ ad. The ad is for Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ product, which was launched earlier in April 2021.

Galaxy SmartTag+ is the newest iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag, which is a small square tag that can be physically attached to everyday items, like a backpack or keychain. This allows the lost items to be located precisely and easily through the SmartThings Find service on your Galaxy device.

In the ad, we see a set of car keys fall off a dresser on to a train set that is passing by. The ad then traces the journey of the keys as it moves from one end of the house to the other. The protagonist, a harried working mother, is finally able to locate it with the help of the app on her Samsung Galaxy phone.

A press note on the Samsung site mentions that the AR finder technology that the SmartTag+ comes with, guides the users towards their missing items with an easy-to-follow interface on a UWB-equipped smartphone, such as Galaxy S21+ or S21 Ultra.

The AR finder shows how far away you are from the item that the Galaxy SmartTag+ is attached to, and points the user in its direction. When the users get closer to the tag’s location, they can choose to have it produce a loud ring so that even if it’s slipped under the sofa, you’ll still be able to find it.

Galaxy SmartTag+ can also help locate tagged items on a map, even if it’s misplaced somewhere far away. That’s because the tags use Bluetooth connectivity and the power of the Galaxy device network.

SmartThings Find users can choose to opt in via the SmartThings app and enable their Galaxy smartphone or tablet to help others find their own lost tags or devices. Once you report your tag as missing in SmartThings Find, any nearby Galaxy device that has opted in, will alert the SmartThings server about its location and you will receive a notification. All data in SmartThings Find is encrypted and protected, so the tag’s location isn’t revealed to anyone, but the user.