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San Kalra tests the Noise Pure Pods' stability with the bungee jump challenge

The brand claims the product to be India's first OWS (Open Wireless Stereo).

Noise, a connected lifestyle brand, released a new digital film showcasing the fit and stability of the Noise Pure Pods. The film features content creator San Kalra who takes viewers on a journey, where San puts the Pure Pods through the bungee jumping test.

Noise undertook the challenge to prove the lightweight and non-intrusive capabilities of its latest product which aims to provide a natural and ergonomic fit. The challenge aimed to demonstrate that these earbuds remain securely in place during extreme activities, offering users comfort and convenience.

As San leaps during the challenge, the film highlights the design of Noise Pure Pods in action. Despite the free fall and manoeuvres, they remained firmly in place, showcasing the commitment to deliver uninterrupted comfort even in the most challenging scenarios.

Launched in December 2023, Noise Pure Pods aims to elevate consumer experiences with an upgrade to their lifestyle. For added convenience, the detachable band offers a layer of customization, that transform the pods into a neckband. The feature has been introduced to cater to those who prefer a different style.

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