Ananya Pathak

Saregama positions Carvaan as a hack to keep stubborn senior citizens indoors during pandemic

The ad revolves around a father and his daughter’s telephonic conversation where the latter cautions the former against stepping out.

Well, these are difficult times. Staying put at home due to the Coronavirus is not an easy task, especially when you have been indoors for over six months. While it is assumed that adults (read parents) are more cautious than the Gen Y these days, it may not always be true. Or at least that is what Saregama Carvaan’s new ad wants us to believe.

The ad revolves around a stubborn father and his ’alert’ daughter’s telephonic conversation, where the latter is seen cautioning the former against stepping out. When he says that there are others who are stepping out, she points out that while the Coronavirus-induced lockdown may be over, the pandemic isn’t. He then tries to convince her by saying that he will wear a mask before stepping out. She brings up the age factor, “Aap 65 ke ho, 25 ke nahin” (you are 65 years old, not 25).

Medical experts have said that the elderly and senior citizens are at greater risk of being infected by the Coronavirus, and need to take extra precautions until the pandemic is over. Besides staying at home, they also need to avoid meeting visitors.

Sharing the film on LinkedIn, Vikram Mehra, managing director, Saregama India, wrote, “Biggest stress point for every grown-up ’child’ these days. Yes by child I mean you and me.”

This, however, is not the first ad film by Saregama to focus on the health of the elderly. An earlier film by the brand talked about how emotionally and physically draining these times are for the elderly, and focused on the need for entertainment in their lives.

The campaign reflected on the nostalgic summer vacation days, and how parents always knew how to keep their kids entertained. Now, when they (the parents) are stuck at home, with almost no social life and very limited means of entertainment, it is the time for the children to do something for their parents.

The minute long film is currently live across all social media platforms.

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