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Satan and 2020 right-swipe each other for a match made in hell, courtesy Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort

The fiendish duo watch a movie, do yoga and also steal toilet paper… Typical couple stuff.

Do you think getting a match on a dating app is hard? Now just imagine Satan’s plight. The ruler of hell is tasked with doling out punishments to sinners for eternity. Wonder how hard it is for him to find the right match.

But trust 2020 to make it right for him, literally. Match, a leading dating site, has released a new spot where a woman, whose username is 2-0-2-0, right swipes the devil himself. It’s a ‘match made in hell’.

Produced by ‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds’ content and creative agency Maximum Effort, with singer Taylor Swift’s rerecorded version of ‘Love Story’ playing in the background, it’s a match nobody saw coming.

For 87 seconds, which feel like an eternity, we are subjected to the typical romantic stuff this hellish couple does… They watch a movie in an empty theatre, go on a leisurely picnic in an empty stadium, work out together in a gym whilst maintaining social distancing, do yoga together, and even rob toilet paper… Who said dating died during the (COVID) pandemic?

“I just don’t want this year to end,” sighs Satan, while the two watch the New York skyline while sitting on a bench as meteors descend on the city.

Reynolds tweeted the ad, but it was Maximum Effort’s comment about its co-founder that won the day, “Thank you, Ryan. Big fan of your work as well.”

Meanwhile, Swift revealed how her song ended up in the ad.

And while the humans promoted this ad, we were also treated to a fun video on what makes Satan and 2020 tick… Do you know what’s the worst part about this ad, it makes yours truly feel worse because “Now Satan has got a match, what’s wrong with me?”

The most fascinating aspect of the ad is the consistency of wit from Maximum Effort that was co-founded in 2018 by Reynolds and George Dewey, whose work chops include McCann, Twentieth Century Fox, SpaceX, etc.

Some of their (Reynolds and Dewey’s) hits include work for the movie ‘Deadpool 2’, Mint Mobile and Aviation American Gin. Reynolds also holds ownership stakes in the two (latter) brands.