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Saurabh Shukla shines as 'Karwa Chauth ka chand' in Catch Spices' latest campaign

The film is conceptualised by Dentsu Creative and directed and produced by the Titus Upputuru Company.

DS Group (Dharampal Satyapal Group), a multi-business corporation and FMCG conglomerate, has launched a new digital film for Catch with the message, ‘Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota’. The film is centered around Catch salt and spices. It features Saurabh Shukla in the lead role as 'Karwa Chauth ka chand'.

It will be amplified across multiple digital touchpoints, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The film showcases the moon's perspective on couples during Karwa Chauth, highlighting romance in their premarital and after marriage phase. He witnesses a revived connection in the latter due to passionate cooking with Catch's salt and spices. The film ends with a heartwarming moment and the moon dancing and enjoying the meal.

It encapsulates the essence of the brand's message, "Kyunki khana sirf khana nahi, Pyaar ko barkarar rakhne ka zariya bhi hota hai; Catch Masale har khane ki jaan… Happy Karwachauth”.

Sandeep Ghosh, business head, DS Spiceo, emphasised the importance of spices in Indian cuisine, saying, "We are delighted to introduce our new digital film, not only reaffirming our brand's fundamental message, 'Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota,' but also emphasizing the importance of preparing delicious meals to celebrate festivals as significant as Karwachauth" 

Janmenjoy Mohanty, chief creative officer, Dentsu Creative North, commented, “The occasion of Karwa Chauth is one of the most leveraged occasions for many brands. And we wanted to ride the wave too but in a cute and memorable way. And what better way to get the moon itself to become the film’s protagonist? It’s an idea that’s definitely going to stand out in the clutter, just like the moon which shines and stands apart in the sky.” 

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