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SBI Life's ApneLiye ApnoKe Liye campaign champions responsible ambition

Its goal is to promote the exploration of personal desires while ensuring the needs of their loved ones.

SBI Life Insurance's ApneLiye ApnoKe Liye campaign aims to reinforce the need to accomplish one’s aspirations while caring for familial responsibilities. According to the release, the thought is to keep inspiring every Indian consumer to champion the spirit of 'Responsible Ambition’ and encourage them to explore their own ‘wants’ while securing the ‘needs’ of their loved ones.

In an era where personal dreams intertwine seamlessly with familial commitments, SBI Life's campaign celebrates those who fearlessly pursue their ambitions while fulfilling their roles as responsible family members.

The campaign tells the story of Rishabh, a man who embarks on an entrepreneurial journey, balancing the challenges of a new chapter with ensuring a financially secure future for his family. As his daughter turns 16, she presents a project inspired by her father's commitment, encouraging others to embrace their dreams with the rallying cry,'ApneLiye ApnoKe Liye.' It captures resilience and determination in embracing his passion and securing a financially stable future for his family.

Ravindra Sharma, chief- brand, corporate communication & CSR at SBI Life, expressed his thoughts on the campaign, stating, "This campaign serves as more than a mere directive; it embodies the essence of trust and reliability that SBI Life is known for. We stand as enablers, encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams with the assurance that their loved ones and responsibilities are secured. Our ongoing campaign humbly celebrates the balance between personal ambitions and family responsibilities, reflecting the enduring values of trust, reliability, and commitment that define SBI Life.”

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