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SBI Securities introduces its first brand film ‘Jey Thaat’

The film features individuals making informed decisions with SBI Securities' support and research plans.

SBI Securities has launched its first brand film that talks about investing with confidence. The film embodies the spirit of financial empowerment- ‘Jey Thaat’, which translates to ‘This is my proud moment’, as people make right investments to achieve their dreams.

It signifies the brand's role as a steadfast partner in the investment journey of Indian investors. 

The film has been crafted by Hotstuff and will be launched across various online and offline platforms, including TVC, outdoor, radio, and digital.

"We are happy and honored to present a film that tells a tale via four distinct life experiences, all of which are related by the same insight: investors need a trusted partner to invest with confidence. Our message to our customers is clear: SBI Securities will always stand by you as your SAATHI—providing you with the financial confidence required for investing. Our relationship with customers goes beyond transactions; it's built on lifelong trust, and this message is at the heart of our film”, said, Deepak Kumar Lalla, MD & CEO of SBI Securities.

Following its recent rebranding effort, the company has introduced a new logo and tagline– 'Investment aur Trust, Dono'. It is striving to connect with the new generation audience by instilling financial confidence.

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