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SBI Securities' IPL campaign, #PlayItRight, aims to bridge the gap between cricket and investments

It aims to educate young investors through a series of five films produced by Hotstuff Medialabs.

SBI Securities, nation's financial services firms, has launched its first campaign this IPL season, which brings out the similarities between cricket and investment. The campaign, #PlayItRight underlines the right investment practices through a series of five films.

The campaign story revolves around a group of five friends, who are young investors, and have come together to enjoy cricket matches, conveying investing lessons to the audience through their conversations. Through a series of 5 films, SBI Securities has taken a unique approach to educate young investors. The fundamentals of cricket are seen as an analogy for the fundamentals of investments in these five films.

Suresh Shukla, CBO, SBI Securities said, “Just like in cricket, where early planning, disciplined approach, consistency and the right technique are crucial for a winning season, similarly, to shape your investment journey it is important to start early with proper research to build a secure financial future. The #PlayItRight campaign is a perfect example of how SBI Securities is making investment knowledge accessible and relatable to young investors. By joining the dots between cricket and smart investing, we hope to empower the GenZ and Millennial audience to make informed financial decisions."

The campaign videos have been crafted by Hotstuff Medialabs. Arun Fernandes, CEO, Hotstuff Medialabs said, "Cricket and investing fall in the same ballpark. Both involve strategic planning and decision-making. Considering the brand's core purpose of instilling financial confidence in investors, we felt it would be a great opportunity to help people understand the importance of 'Playing it Right' when it comes to their investments. The films were written with young investors in mind, and we hope to reach them with informative content amidst the thrill of matches."

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