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Scaler underlines the significance of mentorship and upskilling through its latest brand films

It is part of the brand's ongoing campaign championing 'impact-driven' tech talent.

Scaler (by InterviewBit), one of the fastest-growing tech upskilling startups, has announced the release of a new brand film, highlighting the significance of mentorship and community building during the upskilling journey of a tech professional. Produced and executed in-house by the Scaler team, the film illustrates how building a productive and sustainable tech career involves much more than individual competence and effort. It is part of the brand's ongoing campaign championing 'impact-driven' tech talent. It was kick-started earlier in the year with another engaging short film that drew on popular shows and internet references.

Inspired by the real-life success story of a Scaler alumnus, the film showcases the camaraderie between the learner and his mentor, which helps the learner secure his dream job post-upskilling. With this brand film, Scaler intends to highlight the need for a close-knit community of learners, instructors, and mentors to ensure the holistic development of engineers across the country. While this may seem beneficial across sectors, it is the need of the hour for professionals in the tech space to create a global village, to learn and grow as the future-ready software developers.

Rahul Karthikeyan, Scaler & InterviewBit, elaborated on the rationale behind the brand film. "Scaler is not just a learning platform for software professionals. It is an ecosystem of growth and passion. The relationships we build at Scaler between our learners, mentors, and instructors go far beyond academics. We strive to create much more than transactional relationships with all our stakeholders. The release of this film and our recently launched community living space, 'Scalerverse', further emphasizes our aim to enable a cohesive environment of growth and development for our learners. Building these relationships bears fruit in two ways for our learners. We have witnessed the immense success of all our learners, and with this new brand film to extend our highest regard to all their hard work and dedication that helped them succeed in their quest for knowledge and upskilling."

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