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Seagram’s 7 teaches bar-returning folks the right dive bar behaviour in a new campaign

It aims to help dive bars from sinking right as the United States opens itself after a long COVID-induced lockdown.

Seagram’s 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey wants to save the dive bars from going under. Those affordable havens are loved alike, from broke college students enjoying their first taste of adult life to office goers looking for an escape from adult life.

As the United States opens from a long COVID-induced lockdowns, the whiskey brand from Diageo wants to help folks with the right dive bar culture.

Featuring actress and comedian Iliza Shlesinger, the 'Keep the Dive Alive' campaign shows her help hapless folks with dive bar social routines. In the first spot that’s released on the brand’s social media channels, we see her assist a guy order a 7&7 cocktail. You can watch the spot here.

There are three more spots on the Diageo-owned brand’s website. From dress codes to conversation topics to drinking responsibly, Shlesinger is your go-to guide on dive bar culture.

Each time, the video(s) are shared on social media channels, the brand will donate $7 (up to $77,000) to the Main Street Alliance, a non-profit organisation committed to supporting small businesses. You can also choose to donate from Seagram’s 7 website.

"Dive bars have been at the centre of our brand history, and it's important to us that we find ways to give back to small businesses alike," said Gustavo Salguero, senior brand manager, Irish & North American Whiskies, in a statement.

“#KeepTheDiveAlive can enable these local businesses to continue on as staples in their communities, where those who chose to can grab a drink and stay connected," he went on to add.

This campaign’s launch is close to National Dive Bar Day on July 7, which Seagram's 7 founded in 2017.