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Sebamed rallies for pH levels again

This time, it is for its line of baby care products.

Sebamed has once again issued a clarion call for pH being the deciding factor when it comes to buying skincare products. Only this time, it is for the German personal care brand’s baby care line than its adult soap and shampoo products it had brandished in its ads earlier this year.

Conceptualised by creative agency The Womb, the ad banks on a new mom’s concern for her baby’s first bath in particular. She wants the medical staff to only use Sebamed products because their pH is 5.5 i.e. it is ideal for sensitive skin.

pH is a measure of how acidic or basic a substance is. The scale ranges from 0 to 14. Anything over 14 is basic, while anything below seven is acidic. Seven is considered neutral.

As we’d mentioned in an earlier story, the increase in pH level causes an increase in dehydrative effect, irritability and propionibacterium count. Changes in the pH level are reported to play a role in the pathogenesis of some skin diseases. Therefore, the use of skin cleansing agents with a pH of about 5.5 may be of relevance in the prevention and treatment of those diseases.

And thus, Sebamed’s touting its 5.5 pH levels in its products.

It was in January of this year (2020) when Sebamed went all guns blazing against Hindustan Unilever’s soap brands Lux, Dove and Pears, and another soap brand Santoor.

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Through a print and two ads, the German personal care brand compared the pH levels of Lux to that of Rin, a dishwashing soap bar. And it touted its pH of 5.5 and how it is better than the seven of Dove. HUL had dragged Sebamed to court but after a short legal wrangle between the two companies, the court allowed Sebamed to continue with its advertising campaign for its cleansing bar albeit with a few tweaks.

Shashi Ranjan, Country Head, Sebamed shared, “We strive to create a new narrative in every category we operate and our products are proven safe and scientifically superior. Baby care portfolio is one of the key growth drivers for us and through this campaign; we are celebrating the unwavering trust of mothers on brand Sebamed and relevance of pH 5.5 products for newborn right from day one. The campaign delivers this message in a unique way and we are sure it will establish a strong connect with our audience”

Creative partner and Co-founder, The Womb, Navin Talreja said "Sebamed pH 5.5 baby care range is scientifically proven safe for new-born’s right from Day 1. Our campaign seamlessly delivers this message, and we remain confident that it will resonate with mothers and fathers.”

“Across Indian culture, occasions like Godh Bharai, Annaprashan etc are highly celebrated, but there’s nothing for the first bath. So we created ‘Pratham Snan’, protection of the baby’s skin from the first bath itself.”