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Sebamed's #pHmatters campaign: Hair loss gets the last laugh

The campaign leverages tongue in cheek humour, to highlight the importance of the role of pH 5.5 based products for healthy hair and scalp.

The German personal care brand Sebamed has introduced a new campaign called #pHmatters. This campaign is designed to raise awareness of the importance of using products with a pH of 5.5 for healthy hair and skin. Sebamed's products are based on this pH level and have been proven effective through extensive scientific research.

The #pHmatters campaign is a series of multilingual films that use lighthearted humor to emphasise the role of pH 5.5-based products in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. The focal point of the campaign is Sebamed's Anti-Hairloss Shampoo with pH 5.5, which is promoted as having a positive impact on overall hair health. The campaign will be promoted across various media platforms including television, digital, social media, print, movie screens, and out-of-home advertising.

Shashi Ranjan, president, USV Consumer Products (Sebamed) said “ We are a purpose driven organization that has constantly challenged the convention and redefined the perspectives in the realm of personal care with singular focus on bringing positive impact in the lives of our consumers. #pHmatters campaign stands as a testament to our commitment, as we highlight the importance of pH 5.5 for healthy hair and scalp-based evidence-based science. As a brand committed to transparency and authenticity, we invite our audiences to join the conversation on the importance of pH 5.5 for healthy hair and skin.

Abhinav Chugh, category head Sebamed shares, "The launch of our new #pHmatters campaign reaffirms our commitment to enable consumers with new knowledge backed by science. The #pHmatters campaign leverages tongue in cheek humour to land the point that hair plays a very important role in our consumers life and pH 5.5 based hair care products help in maintaining healthy hair and scalp. The campaign highlights the criticality of using pH 5.5 based products for healthy hair and urges consumers to switch to Sebamed range of hair care products with perfect pH5.5 .”

Suyash Khabya, creative head at The Womb - “The campaign has a unique presentation of humour, without trying too hard. It’s simple yet unignorable. In an absurdist situation of a funeral, a father is eulogising his son. However, as the ad progresses things take an interesting turn as he starts speaking about ‘regrets’ in the same breath as ‘hair loss’. The plot is engaging and the brand messaging bang on. Apart from the master film, there are interesting, witty 10 seconders, an OOH campaign and more digital ideas.

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