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Senco Gold and Diamonds' latest campaign celebrates the profound strength of a father's love

The campaign features renowned father and son duo Kaushik Sen and Riddhi Sen.

Senco Gold and Diamonds has launched its latest brand campaign, #LegacyOfLove, starring the renowned father and son duo, Kaushik Sen and Riddhi Sen. The campaign celebrates the profound strength of a father's love- his unwavering support, silent encouragement, and endless affection.

In the digital film, Kaushik Sen and Riddhi Sen portray the deep bond between father and son—a bond forged in love and the legacy of paternal guidance. The film captures the son’s greatest aspiration to make his father proud, while also pursuing his own dreams.

It ends with Kaushik Sen's touching wish for his son's happiness, regardless of the path he chooses. The father's pride remains steadfast, with his legacy rooted not in financial success or career milestones, but in love.

"Father's Day is a time to celebrate the enduring bonds and legacies we inherit and cherish. At Senco Gold and Diamonds, we believe in honouring these timeless connections with jewellery that tells a story of love and tradition. Our #LegacyOfLove campaign is a tribute to the fathers who inspire us and the cherished memories we create together. Let’s celebrate the irreplaceable bond between fathers and their children with pieces that will be treasured for generations," says Joita Sen, director and head of marketing and design at Senco Gold.

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