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Sensodyne launches #BeSensitiveToOralHealth campaign ahead of World Oral Health Day

It plans to utilise a multi-platform strategy, including influencer engagements, Spotify collaborations, television, radio, and print.

Sensodyne, an oral care brand from the house of Haleon (erstwhile GSK consumer healthcare), has launched the initial phase of its extensive #BeSensitiveToOralHealth initiative ahead of World Oral Health Day, observed annually on March 20.

To educate Indians about the importance of proactive oral care and ensuring access to quality dental services, it has introduced a series of digital films to kickstart its month-long campaign. These films are part of a larger collection of educational resources that will be rolled out in the coming weeks, encouraging individuals to take the first step towards better oral health.

Oral health is often overlooked despite its integral role in overall well-being. According to the WHO Oral Health Status report 2022, nearly 60% of Indians grapple with oral health issues. However, only 5% of Indians seek proactive dental care, with no prevalent dental insurance. A key driver of this negligence is the lack of education on oral health.

Sensodyne's #BeSensitiveToOralHealth campaign aims to remedy this by urging individuals to "Take The First Step," emphasising simple daily actions for oral health alongside broader health practices. Through this campaign, Sensodyne highlights the disparity between routine efforts to safeguard overall health and the oversight of oral health, encouraging a paradigm shift towards comprehensive well-being.

Even the campaign's 15-second films underscores the contrast between the meticulous attention accorded to various facets of overall health—through lifestyle modifications such as embracing green tea, mindful eating, yoga, and walking—while regrettably neglecting oral health. Simultaneously, it underscores the imperative of proactive oral care through modest adjustments to daily routines, such as selecting the appropriate toothbrush, employing proper techniques, and using specialised toothpaste for certain tooth conditions.

Additionally, the campaign provides individuals with access to complimentary dental consultations, serving as their personalised first strides towards oral care. The films are now live across platforms such as YouTube, OTTs, Meta among others.

Expressing her thoughts, Bhawna Sikka, category lead- Oral Healthcare, Haleon ISC, said, “We are committed to our core purpose of liberating people from sensitivity and making healthcare inclusive. Our campaign #BeSesnitiveToOralHelath is an endeavour to address both. With each piece of communication, we are not only trying to educate consumers on how to take the first step for their oral health by making small changes but also giving them the opportunity to better oral care access by offering free dental consultation.”

The brand will activate a multimedia strategy, encompassing influencer engagements, Spotify collaborations, podcasts, television, radio, and print campaigns. These initiatives aim to embolden individuals to transcend their inertia towards oral health by inspiring them to take the first step and facilitating their progression through complimentary dental check-ups in more than 80 cities across the country.

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