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Shah Rukh Khan pitches Thums Up as the new partner for biryani

Here’s a quick look at Thums Up’s second TVC featuring the Bollywood actor.

Thums Up, the ‘strong’ soft drink, is almost a year deep into its engagement with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. The company’s second ad, featuring Khan, has been making the rounds on the Internet lately.

Jab bhi khao biryani, make it toofani!’ is the tagline that the brand is using for its second ad with Khan. The tagline defines the campaign pretty accurately. 

The almost 30-second ad features Khan enjoying a biryani at an eatery. He’s approached by a waiter, who asks him whether he would like a soft drink with his meal. 

Khan’s response, roughly translated in English, is, “You don’t drink a soft drink with a biryani. You drink toofan!” 

Interestingly, the brand has only released the ad on television, as of now. It is yet to be released on Thums Up’s social media handles. However, given the growing hype around Khan's next movie ‘Pathaan’, netizens are sharing videos of the TVC on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

The influence of ‘Pathaan’ on the latest ad is pretty minimal, as compared to Thums Up’s first ad. The first ad, which is 75 seconds long, shows Khan watching his own movie. The movie featured in the ad has action sequences very similar to what audiences are expecting in ‘Pathaan’. While watching the film, Khan is asked by a waiter whether he'd like a soft drink, i.e., Thums Up. Khan corrects him, by saying, “Soft drink nahin, toofan!”

Thums Up has been linked its branding with the idea of ruggedness over the years. However, this is the first time it has tried to make a connection with biryani, a popular rice dish in India. 

As per leading food delivery apps Swiggy and Zomato, biryani was the most ordered food item in the country in 2022. Swiggy reported that 137 biryani orders were delivered every minute via its platform throughout 2022, as compared to Zomato’s 186.

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