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“Shot before, post-production done during lockdown”: Voltas Beko’s Prasenjit Basu, on new film

The campaign pays tribute to single mothers. We spoke to the brand’s marketing head about the ideation and execution of it.

Paying tribute to single mothers on this Mother's Day, Voltas Beko has come up with a digital video commercial - #IAmEnough. The campaign is aimed at single mothers who make invaluable sacrifices and embrace multiple roles in order to raise their children day in, day out, and especially during this period of lockdown.

The video is conceptualised by Momspresso, a platform that enables mothers to be vocal and express themselves. It portrays the strength of single moms, who have to raise their child alone, and how they possess the courage to never give up against the greatest of challenges.

The video depicts an everyday scenario in the lives of a single moms, which is aimed to sensitise other members of the society to be kind towards single parents, keeping in mind the struggles that they go through.

When asked about the idea behind it, Prasenjit Basu, marketing head, Voltas Beko, says, “We recognise that for a single mother, the challenges are substantially more. We partnered with Momspresso to help us understand some key insights, such as the self-doubt that all mothers seem to be carrying around, and the importance of affirmation for them. We agreed that this was a thought that needed to be brought out, and worked together to translate into this beautiful film. So, while it is inspired by single moms, it is a thought that extends to all mothers equally – please know and believe that no one can do what you do, you are, indeed, enough.”

Prasenjit Basu
Prasenjit Basu

On the challenges faced during the production of this campaign, Basu says, “Luckily, we managed to complete the shoot before the lockdown, because this was a project that needed a proper shoot to show the dynamics between the mother and daughter, the emotional exchange and the range of emotions. But all the post-production was done during lockdown. We definitely have to thank technology for enabling projects like these to continue seamlessly, even in crisis situations like these.”

Parul Ohri, chief editor, Momspresso, adds, “This is a film which will strike a chord with every mother, who has ever second-guessed herself, or been judged by the world – and which one of us hasn’t! Just like in our film, sometimes it takes your child doing something simple, yet so remarkable, for the belief to hit you in a rush, 'Yes, I am enough!' A belief that becomes even more critical at this time of lockdown, when mums need to see that their children are just happy being with them, secure in their love and enjoying the unique time they have got together.”