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Shree Cement’s social media post puts ‘Bricks’ together to build unbreakable walls

The cement manufacturer recreates a visual from the popular ‘Brick’ video game.

Shree Cement, a Kolkata-based cement manufacturer, revived childhood memories for many with its recent social media post. Recreating a visual from the popular ‘Brick’ video game, the brand created an analogy with it, saying ‘Building unbreakable walls. Since 1985.” Through the analogy, the post highlights the cement’s strength.

A quick glance through Shree Cement’s Twitter page, shows that the brand typically shares moment marketing posts, such as celebrating Environment Day, No Tobacco Day or Family Day. This post stands out among them.

A similar post on these lines that finds its inspiration in popular culture is one that shows Hulk’s injured hand. It says ‘Lagta hai Hulk-e me le liya”.

The brand has earlier released several light-hearted TVCs to promote its various products.

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