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Skipper Pipes launches a TVC with M.S. Dhoni and Chris Gayle

Curated in association with the creative agency Lowe Lintas, the collaboration with MS Dhoni shows Skipper's commitment to safe piping solutions.

Skipper, the leading manufacturer of Polymer Pipes and Fittings is excited to announce launch of their new campaign with brand ambassadors Mahindra Singh Dhoni and Chris Gayle. Curated in association with the creative agency Lowe Lintas, the collaboration with MS Dhoni shows Skipper's commitment to safe piping solutions. By promoting the use of 100% lead-free pipes, Skipper Limited aims to provide a safe and reliable solution to the growing concern of lead contamination in water supply systems. The company has been promoting the use of lead-free pipes and fittings for several years, and this partnership with Dhoni and Gayle is a natural extension to help spread awareness about using best in class lead free pipes for potable water solutions.

The advertisement uses humor to communicate its message, with Gayle suffering from stomach infection. Dhoni enters the room with an X-Ray device and scans the wall to reveal a faulty pipe that is affecting Gayle's health. He then goes on to introduce the benefits of Skipper Pipes that are 100% lead-free and certified by highest grading standard NSF 14. Skipper Pipes is the only Indian company in the sector to receive the highest certification from NSF for their polymer pipes. The video displays a comparison between ordinary pipes and Skipper Pipes, highlighting the crystal-clear water that flows through the 100% lead-free pipes ensuring pure water supply to homes.

Speaking about the collaboration, Siddharth Bansal, director, Skipper , said, “We are thrilled to have not one but two renowned cricketers – M S Dhoni and Chris Gayle on board as our brand ambassadors to help us raise awareness about safe water supply. For Indians, Dhoni is not just a cricketing icon but also an embodiment of values such as trust, reliability, and resilience, which perfectly align with the values of Skipper Limited. The well thought out brand strategy was to position ourselves as a leading player in the industry by associating with the skipper (or captain) of Indian cricket himself. On the other hand, Chris Gayle adds much needed humor to the campaign making it memorable for our audience in India. We are confident that this TVC will increase the brand’s remembrance among the key target audience, while raising awareness about the use of safe piping solutions.”

In a statement, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, "I am thrilled to be associated with Skipper Pipes as their brand ambassador for promoting the use of lead-free pipes and fittings. I am glad to be the captain for a new cause like safe water supply, which in turn, translates to reducing water borne diseases in India. As a cricketer, I have always believed in leading from the front and taking proactive measures for my team’s success and welfare. With Skipper's commitment towards safe and sturdy piping solutions, I am confident that together we can make a difference towards creating the necessary awareness around Lead free drinking water promoting healthier living for Indians. "

Chris Gayle remarked, “While the world is transforming at a great pace and there is cure for complicated diseases, we fail to recognise the root cause of repeated ailments. I was alarmed at the high number of people in India who suffer from water borne diseases and wanted to drive a serious message through humour for people to remember. I hope that this TVC with Skipper Pipes will help people increase their awareness about using safe pipes for water supply at home thus making a difference to their health quotient.”

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