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Sleepy Owl launches new campaign with a brand Mascot

The brand campaign gives a clutter-breaking message: the coffee is ‘That Good’ and missing it is ‘Your Loss’.

Sleepy Owl, India’s expeditiously emerging coffee brand announces the launch of its light-hearted, engaging brand campaign that features a clutter-breaking message for its consumers; the coffee is ‘That Good’ and missing it is ‘Your Loss’.

Sleepy Owl has been brewing success in the beverage industry of India for the past 6 years. The new campaign is going to stay true to the brand’s motto which is KEEPING IT REAL! Leaving the comfort of marketing jargon, the real aim of the brand is to evoke inquisitiveness amongst the audience about why they should not miss out on Sleepy Owl’s products. The central theme of the campaign is a nod to the brand’s premium-tasting coffee - it explains to the audience that Sleepy Owl Coffee tastes so good and would simply be anyone’s loss, should they miss out. To further get the message across, the brand brings its mascot, the signature blue Owl, to life in the campaign, where it takes center stage.

The campaign aims to evoke FOMO with the hashtag #YourLoss in the minds of the viewers, only this time around it’s the Fear of Missing Owl. Additionally, coming through (with a cup of delicious brew) is the ‘Sleepy Owl’ in its true form, who can be seen as a delightfully oddball character, spreading the word to the world and letting them know that if they are not drinking Sleepy Owl Coffee - they are simply missing out.

Speaking on the campaign, Ashwajeet Singh, co-founder, of Sleepy Owl Coffee said, “In a media environment, where brands heavily rely on celebrity endorsements to gain credibility and garner attention, we decided to break through the clutter. The new-age consumer isn’t looking to be bombarded with superficial reasons to buy a product, hence the Owl’s promise of a great-tasting coffee, put in a fun, quirky, light-hearted manner as it points to the simple fact - If you’re not drinking Sleepy Owl Coffee, it’s your loss.”

Commenting on the uniqueness of the thought in communication, Arman Sood, co-founder, of Sleepy Owl Coffee added, “The idea borrows from the brand’s marketing philosophy of keeping it short and simple. In a category cluttered with over-the-top messaging built around the product, the brand chose not to romanticize coffee and let the taste speak for itself. Thus, the route towards a campaign that would let us get real with our customers and communicate with them, in their own language.”

Sleepy Owl has brought out an edgy campaign that comprises 4 films. Conceptualized and written for the digital-native, spirited young millennials and hyper-aware gen Z, these films carve consumer touch points, with each film set against the backdrop of the common coffee consumption occasions. Adding a tinge of wit, information, and fun, the last film in the series will let the OWL break the fourth-wall and do its magic!

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