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slice launches its UPI first account to the public, unveils 'Inverted' ad campaign in TOI

The campaign aims to highlight the launch of slice’s UPI first account's features.

slice, a consumer payments and credit company, launched an 'inverted' ad campaign in The Times of India that got readers turning their heads. The campaign highlights the launch of slice’s UPI first account to the public. It aims to extend slice account services to users other than its existing customer base.

The advertisement aims to mirror the product’s benefits with simplicity and precision. According to the release, it offers an autoload function, ensuring their accounts are always primed for transactions. The account also facilitates the automation of recurring payments, provides insights into spending patterns, and integrates a gaming element.

It also seeks to blend financial management with old-fashioned phone gaming by opening up the possibility to play 'fire", a game where users can earn up to double their transaction value in straight-up cashback.

In order to embody the product tagline of a “no-nonsense account”, the account is made clutter-free from unwanted cross-selling. It claims the experience to be user-friendly, allowing users to understand the speed and efficiency of fast payments. The chat icon is displayed on the home screen, to facilitate easy connection with slice customer care. With a strong belief that time is as valuable as money, this launch promises results for users looking to optimise and simplify their financial journey.

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