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smallcase encourages users to invest in ideas in its debut campaign

Tanmay Bhat and Devaiah Bopanna are part of the creative team that created the ads.

Although most institutions in India haven’t yet made personal finance a part of their course curriculum, it is important to teach school and college students about how to manage their finances.

Creating the right kind of investment portfolio is necessary for investors. Over the past two years, more and more people have realised the importance of investing early on in their careers.

To help young investors achieve portfolio diversification goals, smallcase, a Bengaluru-based direct indexing and model portfolio platform, has launched its maiden campaign, titled ‘Invest in Ideas’.

The three digital ads in the campaign cover various ideas for investors to choose from, like IT, Internet and rural demand. Influencers and content creators like Tanmay Bhat, Zakir Khan, and Nithin Kamath have promoted these videos on their social media.

Speaking about the campaign, Vasanth Kamath, founder & CEO, smallcase, says the reason the brand thought this was the right time to roll out the ads is that the last two years have seen a lot of interest from individual investors in capital markets.

“There has also been a sudden surge in the number of demat accounts. Hence, it was an opportune time for the brand to launch the campaign to create more awareness about the platform.”

Vaibhav Jalan, VP – business, smallcase, adds, “While designing the creative for the campaign, we were clear that we don’t want a typical ad, but content that can resonate with the users and strike the right kind of conversations about investing in ideas amongst them.”

The target audience for smallcase includes people who have already invested, or have an investment account. smallcase aims to target the clients of brokers who can directly get their investing journey started.

With its maiden campaign, smallcase wants to stay digital-first. It has collaborated with SonyLIV, Hotstar, YouTube, Spotify, TV channels, digital news platforms and social media influencers to distribute these ads. The ads will be seen during the broadcast of the India and South Africa cricket series, Australia Open tennis tournament and also Sony TV’s Shark Tank India.

Bhat and Devaiah Bopanna are part of the creative team that created these ads.

On how Bhat became the brand’s creative agency partner, Kamath shares that the former has been a user of the product himself and really liked it.

Soon, they both started chatting about what the brand was trying to build. Before Bhat joined smallcase as a creative, he became an investor and shareholder of the company. In mid-2020, Bhat came on board and started helping the brand with its social media and marketing strategy.

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